General Questions

Is transportation provided by the Camp?

We offer a daily bus transportation program to and from camp serving a variety of local communities in which families may choose to enroll. More information can be found on our Transportation page.

Do you have an Extended Day program?

Yes. We offer 3 Extended Day program options in which families may choose to enroll (AM – 7:30-9:00, PM – 2:00-4:00, PM 4:00-6:00) for General and Specialty campers. Your child may be dropped off as early as 7:30 am for and stay as late as 6:00 pm.  Learn more.

Do you provide lunch and snacks?

Yes. Daily morning snacks and lunches are provided by the Camp. For lunch, hot and cold entrees are served, as well as a variety of sandwiches, salads, fruits, desserts and drinks. Please notify us in advance if your child has a food allergy or any dietary restrictions. Learn more.

Is financial aid available?

Beaver Summer Camp provides financial assistance to campers through two specific organizations, Steps to Success and Wildflower Camp Foundation. We do not provide direct scholarships to families outside of these two organizations.

Is there a full time nurse on staff?

Yes. We have two full time Registered Nurses on staff at camp at all times. Our nurses handle everyday medical occurrences, dispense medications and communicate with you if your child is sick or injured.

Is there communication between the Camp and families?

Yes, Beaver Summer Camp uses email as a main form of communication. We send monthly newsletters throughout the pre-season and session emails while in-season. Additionally, we send out program-specific communications throughout the summer as needed.

Do you have any special events?

We offer a variety of special events throughout the summer, including a Carnival, a Fourth of July celebration, and many camper performances. Check your email for invitations to visit camp and watch your camper perform during our special events.

Is it possible to use the swimming pools and playground outside of camp hours?

Unfortunately, no. Not at this time.

What if my child does not want to participate in a particular activity?

We never mandate participation. We gently encourage each camper to at least give everything a try. Our staff is great at helping campers overcome fears and to further discover and develop their skills.

Do you have a camper accountability policy?

We do have an accountability policy that’s outlined in our Parent/Caregiver Handbook. We believe in taking a strengths-based approach to supporting campers, while providing structure, excellent role models, and feedback to campers throughout the experience.

What happens on rainy days?

If it’s just drizzling, most outdoor activities will continue as planned. So, please remember to send your camper to camp with a raincoat on days with potential wet weather. If the rain is heavy, we simply move the fun indoors.

What are electives and how do they work?

Electives are a unique feature of our Upper and Senior Camp programs. Each Monday morning, campers select different activities to focus on for the entire week. This gives them the freedom of having more choice and also allows them to delve deeper into more of the activities they love like art, musicals or adventure courses. Senior Campers also select an extended morning elective for the week.

Registration Questions

Where can I learn more about Registration?

Please visit our Registration page or check out our Registration FAQs.

Specialty Camp Questions

Can Specialty Campers participate in the Extended Day program?

Definitely. The Extended Day program is available to all campers.

Do you provide lunch and snacks for off-campus programs?

Yes, we provide all Specialty Campers with a morning snack and lunch. Campers will have the opportunity to select their lunch choice from a menu at the beginning of the week.

Do Specialty Campers swim during the day?

All campers enrolled in on-campus Specialty programs have the option to participate in free swim each day. For campers enrolled in off-campus Specialty programs, it depends on the program and their destination. Some programs do involve swimming and water activities, while others may not.

Counselor-in-Training Program Questions

Is there an application process for the CIT program?

For the Summer of 2023, we have shifted our enrollment process for the CIT program. Families enroll in the CIT program in the same manner as all of our other programs through CampBrain.

How many CITs are selected for the program?

Potentially, 30 CITs are enrolled per session and each session is 4 weeks.

Are CITs guaranteed a Junior Counselor position when they become old enough to work at camp?

CITs must turn 16 by the start of camp to be considered for employment. While many of our CITs do go on to become successful staff members, there is no guarantee of employment. All candidates must go through the Camp’s thorough hiring process.

Pick-up/Drop-off Questions

Q. Where do I drop off my camper?

Drop-off and pick-up locations are specifically outlined in materials that we send out to all families in June. Plus, at each location, we have staff on hand to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Where do I park my car for pick-up/drop-off?

Our pick-up and drop-off procedures are designed so you do not need to leave your vehicle. Our staff will facilitate your camper(s) exiting or entering your vehicle. In order to keep our process safe for all, please remain in the car.

What do I do if I arrive late for drop-off?

You can park in any of the short-term parking spots on your right as you drive onto our campus or you can also always park on the sidewalk-lined side of Woodland Rd. Then, simply bring your camper directly to the Camp Office so we can document their attendance and get them to the proper group.

What should I expect on my camper's first day of camp?

We have a very organized drop-off procedure and plenty of staff on hand to point you in the right direction. Pick-up follows the same process, but we also ask you to verify your name to make sure you are on your camper’s “authorized pick-up list.” Please note that the drop-off and pick-up lines will always move a little slower on the first day of a session as people adjust to our routine.  

If a camper is to go home with someone other than the parent or guardian, we must have information regarding who are the alternate caregivers who can pick up the camper.  The Authorized Pick-up List will be completed by families at the time of registration and can be edited throughout the season as needed. Campers will, under no circumstances, be placed in cars with anyone who is not listed on this list unless we receive permission from the parent or guardian in writing.

What do I do if I need to pick up my camper early?

If you plan to pick up your camper early, please send a communication to the Camp Office ( We ask that all families provide a note detailing the time of pick-up so we can make sure your camper is ready at the Camp Office when you arrive. The earliest dismissal we can accommodate is 1:15 pm for Lower Camp and 3:00 pm for all other campers enrolled in on-campus programs.

What happens if I am late picking up my camper?

All campers who have yet to be picked up after 4:05 pm, will be brought to the Camp Office to wait. The Camp Office staff  will contact the camper’s family to inquire about the pick-up plan.

Group Assignment Questions

How are campers assigned to a group?

Campers are assigned to groups based on a variety of variables including grade, age, gender identity, length of stay and whether they are new or returning. Our goal is to create all-gender groups of similarly aged campers in which new friendships can thrive.

What if my camper wants to be in a group with their friends?

Please submit our Friend Request form found in CampBrain by April 1. We do our best to grant at least one friend, but cannot guarantee placements.

When will we be informed about our camper's group assignment?

Camp families receive group assignments in June.

Staff Questions

How thorough is your staff hiring process?

All of our candidates go through an extensive application and screening process that includes a written application, personal interview, three references checks, and background screening through a fingerprinting, the Criminal Offender Registry and the Sex Offender Registry. We’re fortunate that many of our staff return to work at Beaver year after year.

What are the ages of the staff?

Our staff range in age from 16 to over 60 years old, with an average age of 25. Each member of our team has strong skills for working with kids and an enthusiasm for life that positively impacts all of our campers.

Who leads the activities?

Our adult specialists are experts in leading and making activities fun. We’re fortunate to count professional teachers, artists, coaches, photographers, actors, circus performers, and many more, among them.