The year was 1935. Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Pacific Ocean, Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career and America was stilling feeling the affects of the Great Depression. It was also the year that Beaver opened, establishing a deep tradition of providing Newton and Brookline-area chidren with a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Against such a turbulent time as the Depression, Beaver became a safe haven for kids to enjoy a healthy mix of outdoor activities and make new friends amid beautiful surroundings.

Beaver also tapped into the mood of exploration and daring that helped define 1935. By introducing innovative activities and providing experiences that challenged young minds, we became known for being forward thinking.

What started off as one of the first true Day Camps in the United States has grown into one of the best-loved summer experiences that children eagerly return to year after year.

As written in our very first camp brochure…

We select such healthy, out-door, enjoyable and diversified activities as will make for all-round development of the individual and will occupy young minds, bodies, and hands with worthwhile experiences, amid beautiful country surroundings and among carefully selected and congenial companions. To accomplish these outcomes, the camp has always maintained a staff of superior, experienced, friendly counselors who love their jobs and have made children their life work.